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The unit of a family cannot be definitely defined by a certain perspective alone and expect to have its full scope identified completely. However, through consideration a certain perspective can have its classification to serve its purpose or a certain favorable definition needed in a discussion.


According to Malinowski, the family had fulfilled the universal need and so it is a universal institution. Malinowski was definite then with his view that every family has to have a father (Collier et al 1997). He stated that:
"The human infant needs parental protection for a much longer period than does the young of even the highest anthropoid apes. Hence, no culture could endure in which the act of reproduction, that is, mating, pregnancy, and childbirth, was not linked up with the fact the father and mother have to look after the children for a long period, and in turn, derive certain benefits from the care and trouble taken."
Anthropologies however disagree with Malinowski's view regarding the need of the father to define a family. They argued that the composition the basic social unit is not necessarily the nuclear family setting where father is needed but only the mother and the children are the only ones that composed it (Collier et al 1997).
They justified their own view when they claimed that "whether of not a mate become attached to the mother on some more or less permanent basis is a variable matter". Conversely, they are maintaining Malinowski's idea of that family as a universal human institution without the attachment of the father in the family (Collier et al 1997).
In some sectors' perspectives, anthropologis ...
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