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periodontal disease and community health

Non surgical diagnosis and treatment involve scaling to remove the accumulated tartar, root planning to smooth the loosened gum tissues for preventing further tartar accumulation and probing the pocket depths to thoroughly clean the bacterial colonies in the sub-gingival layer, that is, the gaps between the root and the gum tissues.
This review attempts to provide a critical analysis of the paper presented by Daniel van Steenberghe, Peter Garmyn, Lut Geers, Elke Hendrickx, Marina Marechal, Karin Huizar, Ann Kristofferson, Karin Meyer-Rosberg, and Guy Vandenhoven on the basis of a multi-centered investigation in order to understand the extent of pain in fixed numbers of both first timers and recall patients during instrument based diagnosis and routine non-surgical treatment of the condition. The importance of the investigation not only lies in the common occurrence of the disease affecting a major part of the adult population in the United States of America, but also in its two-fold risk, including an imminent damage of the oral area and its association with much more severe physiologic conditions, like cardiac arrest, stroke, atherosclerosis and increased blood glucose levels. ...
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Periodontitis or Periodontal infection usually implicates a two-fold risk in affected individuals. The dysfunction of the gums or the gingival area originates due to the hardening of the accumulated plaque below the gum-line into tartar, which entices bacterial infection…
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