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Essay example - World Hunger

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Based on the study conducted by the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (UN), about 850 million people throughout the world suffered from acute hunger or undernourishment ("FoodWatch"). Due to the magnitude of the effect of this global problem, it is imperative for us to be aware about what actually causes hunger and realize the extent of its outcome…

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Poor people do not have ample resources such as land, tools and money that are needed for growth and consistently purchase food for regular nourishment ("Hunger Facts").
Another reason cited for world hunger is the persistence of drought particularly in the African region. According to the UN Chronicle, drought is the single most common cause of severe food shortages in African developing nations that experience the driest seasons. This condition is compounded by the prevalence of poverty and political turmoil in these countries.
As mentioned, political strife or armed conflicts are also regarded to cause world hunger. Wars disrupt agricultural production, which is the primary source of food ("Hunger Facts"). It should be noted that based on studies conducted by Food First, there is sufficient agricultural capacity on earth to feed the all people ("Wikipedia"). However, problems relative to hunger arise because of the disruption in distribution networks. For instance, should there be wars the distribution of food aid and imports is restricted, thus, hunger results. ...
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