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Managing people Master

(Jehn & Mannix (2001) identify three main types of the group conflict: task conflict; relationship conflict; process conflict. Another researcher, Robbins (2005) singles out: functional conflict and dysfunctional conflict. In other cases, conflicts undermine the group process and set the stage for ongoing problems and reduced group effectiveness in the future. Some recent research by Jehn & Mannix (200) examines the longer-term effects of conflict on group performance. The research also considers what they call "task complexity" as a moderating variable, which aligns with the notion of quantitative and qualitative balance in relation to conflict. An alternative view is proposed by (Hede 1990) who states that there two factors are needed to produce conflict: cognitive disharmony and affective disharmony.
Group dynamics depends upon group norms, group cohesiveness and group roles assigned to different group members. McKenna (1994; in Hayes 2002) state that there are seven factors influenced group cohesiveness: similarity of attitudes and goals, time spent together; isolation of group from others; threats from outside group, size; stringent entry requirements; rewards for group performance; problems. ...
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In order to improve the situation in Greenline, it is important to take into account the main problems and conflicting situations occurred between the top team members. Before beginning analysis of the problems, I will describe and analyze the main theoretical concepts and models used in the analysis…
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