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Compare newsreels to television news today. What do they have in common and how do they differ - Essay Example

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Naturally, before starting to compare newsreels and television news it is important to understand that both of these Medias are linked for one simple reason: newsreels are the ancestors of television news. That fact can not be argued. Nevertheless, it is obvious that we can find both similarities and differences among them…

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Compare newsreels to television news today. What do they have in common and how do they differ

But newsreels were not access centered. It was about bringing news even if not everyone was able to see it as newsreels were only available in movie theatres - and not in all movie theatres. This fact is also important for another characteristic. Television news today brings us the latest news. We are connected to the entire globe and we are told events that may have occurred a couple of minutes earlier. It was not the case for newsreels which brought images of events which were sometimes one or two weeks old. It was therefore impossible to receive instantaneous news as it is today, and live news could only be a dream for the decades to come. This dream come true thanks to the development of other Medias that help the broadcasting and the making of television news.
Comparing newsreels and television news is not only a matter of accessibility. We also have to consider the format. The newsreels were often short, no longer than fifteen minutes. Today, television news can be an hour long and can present - with more details - several events that happened during the day. Newsreels were often commented by an off voice who only described the playing images. In television news there is one - or sometimes two TV hosts - who introduce the subject. ...
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