Person-centred Counselling Essay

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Person-centred approach to counselling has its origins in the works of American psychologist Carl Rogers. He believed that the person know himself what is best for him. Only the person knows what is hurting and only he knows how to overcome the pain. Rogers labelled this type of counselling as non-directive with the therapist's task to enable the person to make contact with his own inner resources than to influence the direction the person should take.


Person-centred counsellor believes that each individual has the potential to become unique and beautiful creature.
One of the most important principles of person-centred counselling is the presentation of the client as the expert (Arnason 2001, 299). It aims to help the client to explore, express, and understand his own emotions. It is believed that the client is able to understand what he feels as well as why he feels so. Person-centred approach is based on the technologies of the self - the ones that permit the individual to effect by their own means or with the help of the other a certain number of operations in their own bodies, souls, thoughts and way of being. This type of counselling helps individuals to transform themselves in order to become happy, pure, wise and perfect.
It should be added that person-centred approach to counselling places the great value on self-reliance and self-respect, individual initiative and responsibility (Arnason 2001, 299). Similar to other types of counselling, person-centred approach requires that dialogues between the client and counsellor should be varied in pace and style within sessions. ...
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