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Lobbying as Legitimate Aspect of Corporate Behavior

It is a deliberate attempt on part of the lobbyists with the motive of influencing political decisions using various forms of advocacy and it is directed at the ones who form up these policies on behalf of another person, organization and/or group(s). There are clients who are either individual beings or organized interests such as businesses organizations, labour unions, organizations who work as not-for-profit and trade associations who hire lobbyists who do their work for them. In the organization, the lobbyist is hired in the Government Relations function or they can even be outside individuals or firms (Wood, 2002). The main purpose of the lobbyist is to develop various strategies and tactics so as to gain access, inform, influence and pressurize. These methods and strategies can be developed by designing a lobbying campaign. Lastly, it should be known that these lobbying campaigns are directed towards policy makers whose job is to make policies which affect the well being of the client, the European Union public, all sorts of communities which exist on local, national and international levels plus the president and the future generations to come. Since their decisions affect a whole variety of people, lobbying is playing a very important role in this process. There can be many methods in which lobbyists do this. ...
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Lobbying is a practice of influencing policy makers by lobbyists so that the policies made are favourable to them or allows them access to areas which will help them in this influence. Lobbying can have a variety of ethical perspectives, whether it is related to employee terms and contracts or related to the conflicts that can take place between various parties…
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