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Essay example - Marketing - crises and problems

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Many directors and managers find their time completely occupied by fire-fighting', dealing with the crises and problems that are occurring today, rather than considering what is necessary to ensure the survival and eventual success of the business. Their skill and effort is absorbed in evaluating and taking tactical operational decisions whilst the business as a whole may be failing…

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These factors, which may be supportive or constraining to the future development of the organization, provide the backcloth' against which the future strategies and plans must be formulated (Bennet, 1996). The model analyses the environment into four areas of focus. It should be used flexibly to reflect the nature of the relevant country/market environment. This means that for a large corporate, with a significant spread of operations, it is appropriate to separately map the different environments in which the various parts of the organization operate (Howe, 1986). The facts are normally identified by the senior management of the business from their personal knowledge and experience. Naturally this assumes that they have sufficient background in the environment to generate accurate data. If this experience does not exist external information sources would need to be used to supplement the existing knowledge of the business (Aaltonen and Ikavalko 2002). Even where knowledge is strong' it is prudent to validate key facts/assumptions and to compare alternative views of the future. The analysis should be used to identify:
The issues that are dominant and are likely to exert the most pressure or influence on the future direction and prospects of the corporate. ...
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