The Idea Behind Two Articles: Foundation of Theory building in International Business And Designing Online Transfer Of Technology. - Essay Example

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The Idea Behind Two Articles: Foundation of Theory building in International Business And Designing Online Transfer Of Technology.

However, there lies a prominent and recurrent motif that is a general base for all the articles and write-ups. This constitutes the idea that is the common ground for the development of all of them.

The idea that is reflected in all the works, is that of an international perspective of growth. This growth is not solely inclined towards country's economic growth, but also deals with the growth of businesses and private or public sector undertakings. All the articles are inclined towards taking a stance on the different facets of this idea that is expressed in varying degrees and through various ways and styles of writing.

The first article on designing online transfer of technology, talks about how technology transfer is a high-cost affair, especially for the developing third world countries. Therefore, in a bid to promote the transfer of technology and also reduce the costs associated with it, online technology transfer is the answer. ...
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Very often, more than the message or information conveyed through an article, the idea that it puts across is more important and relevant. The articles do discuss a plethora of ideas, from online technology transfer to international business…
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