Aaker and Keller's brand extension theory

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This short essay presents the perspective of consumers in evaluating brand extensions by a company. The author has presented discussion on the theory by Aaker and Keller (1990) and self perspective about this subject.


Aaker and Keller presented three dimensions of the relevance in terms of:(b) Hypotheses 2: The two products (original and extended) need to fit together in some perspectives for consumers to perceive enhanced transfer of quality from original brand to the new brand. The researchers argued that this transfer becomes weaker if direct fits are not visible.A number of researchers have presented their perspectives on the research of Aaker and Keller supported by their own surveys & experiments. The author shall not present any validation of arguments against the hypotheses of the researchers but hereby agrees that an organization need to deeply study the customer perceptions about new product ideas generated to benefit from brand extensions. Moreover, it is not easy to get consumer perceptions by just presenting the new product ideas to consumers because the attitudes towards new products need their tangible visualization rather than imaginations. ...
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