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Naturalistic Observation Assignment

The mother is dressed in a black pair of jeans, with what seems to be a white top; the latter is overshadowed with the thick cape she wear around her. The child is also wrapped around a big cloth, and the exact attire is beyond visual range. The husband wears blue jeans and a green cardigan, apart from the seemingly thick glasses that rest on his nose.
The mother seems tired, and is holding the child in her lap. She is surrounded by two small bags, one of which seems to contain the accessories of the child. She constantly is looking here and there, outside towards the sky, then towards the magnanimous screen that shows the status of all flights - delayed! The husband is sitting besides her, and trying in vain to concentrate on a newspaper. She repeatedly addresses him, and despite a small shiver of the lips, he remains engrossed in the paper. The child is finding this ordeal uncomfortable, and after every few minutes, there is an evident stretching and retraction of limbs - something that adds to the irritability of the mother.
She turns again to the husband while saying something, and he looks back, again in silence. He then gets up and goes to the inquiry desk, and trots over with minimal enthusiasm on his face. ...
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The setting for this specific naturalistic observation is the departure lounge of an international airport. Due to a hail storm, flights have been delayed, and hundreds of passengers throng every corner of the lounge. It is two hours after midnight, and fatigue and frustration is commonplace…
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