Diversity (cultures)

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With the concept of globalization continuously rising, various industries and communities nowadays are adapting with the idea of having cultural diversity. As organizations and communities are becoming a little less competitive as the globalization becomes the trend, majority of the team-management and/or community management came up with a viable alternative in organizational development.


Usually, the need to form a team arises from the need either to get things done more efficiently, using lesser time and effort (Mattson, 1998). And with this, the idea of a cross-cultural team sprouted up. Studies and researches were done to understand whether it would be of competitive advantage for a certain company if there are team members from different cultural backgrounds and how such differences can be understood and will not pose any problem for the company.
With the continuing movement of the economy - may it be a decline or growth - every businesses and companies are using every possible means to keep the company at a stable end. Every organization must have the capability to adapt to the movement of the market and the ever-changing needs of the customers. However, an organization can only do this if the people - the very members of the workforce - are working smoothly as a team. Moreover, now that diversity in the workforce is seen as advantage rather than a problem, management have been seeking every possible means to maintain the competitiveness of each and every member of the workforce, thereby benefiting the company in the end (Becker, 1964).
Diversity in the workplace has taken on a new face today. ...
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