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Essay example - Introduction to the Criminal Justice System

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Federal law enforcement agencies are responsible for one or several units on the federal level that assist the law enforcement process. The jurisdiction is determined by complexity of the issues under investigation and duties performed by these agencies the authority of the agencies is divided between geographical areas and tasks…

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The authority of the agencies involves law deception and law exemption, secret police and other law issues outside power and control of the local law enforcement agencies. The Office of the United States Attorneys is an important body as it represents such institutions as federal government in US district court and the court of appeal. From this perspective, federal law enforcement is essentially a straightforward matter: the law and common sense are all that are required. Bittner remarked that organizations are 'permanently flooded with petty military and bureaucratic regulations' Legalism is closely linked to the conception of police organizations as effective bureaucracies.
The federal judiciary consists of the Circuit Courts and permanent appellate court for each circuit. Today, 94 courts are established around the country. The federal judiciary is headed by the chief judge of the court of appeal. There are 12 circuits in the USA, and each of these courts has its own court of appeal. This can get complicated because more than one person may have control over an area. People unfamiliar with the legal system may also find the concept of standing complicated. Generally, people must have had their own rights violated before they can object in court (Koletar, 2005). ...
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