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Natural Rights,

In, 'Hanging' George Orwell has drawn a picturesque representation of the last minutes of a condemned prisoner, and also the relief of the authorities after finishing their task of execution. It goes without saying that the executants were executing the orders given by their superior authorities. Submitting without protest in a helpless state doesn't mean surrendering of one person and his will, before another. While his own nationals and fellow men didn't show any sort of sympathy or leniency to the condemned prisoner, George Orwell says that his dog hesitated to part with him during his last moments. George Orwell has put forth a question before us whether law is for man or man is for law If one cannot give life, has he got the right to take it away
In Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson has very clearly depicted the denial of natural rights to the American Citizen by the British sovereign. The British king has denied the natural rights of the American citizen, ignored the laws of their land and by self assumed power he was imposing his will and desire over a nation for decades together. The American War of Independence is a red-letter mark in the history of the world and those events will remain engraved in the hearts of millions of people. ...
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Right to live is certainly associated with the right by birth and is one of the laws of nature. It is the inherent right of every creature, including a human being. All men are created equal and independent and the duty of the sovereign is to preserve the life, liberty and the well being of its subjects…
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