Northwest Ecosystem Alliance v. Washington Forest Practices Board

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During 1998, several environmentalist groups comprising of the "Northwest Ecosystem Alliance and Pilchuck Audubon Society", filed a suit under the APA seeking compliances of mandatory forest practices by Washington State Forest Practical Board.


(NWEA v Washington State Forest Practices Board: Clients).The plaintiffs argued that enforcement of the various forest practices, envisaging the due process of conservation and preservation of marine life, aqua resources, wild life, etc., were severely compromised by the Washington State Forest Practices Board, which was responsible for maintenance and enforcing of valid forest practices. Although the Board had enforced certain water related legislatures, it had failed to address to the larger needs of enforcement of forest practices and rules, thus leading to a severe erosion of its credibility, and grossly undermined its performance as a premier forest conservation authority.The Board and others argued that the plaintiffs did not have the authority to approach a court without first using up all the other available administrative procedures and avenues available under law. Under the Rules, it was first necessary for the plaintiffs to initiate an appeal for rule-making procedure seeking the Board's intervention for changing its rules.Thus according to the decision of Appeal Court in April 2002, the lower Court judge had committed a mistake in his pronouncement, by delivering the wrong judgment, and had also made mistakes in other elements of the case. ...
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