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Lincoln and Churchill

Both leaders also transformed many elements of their respective governments, in particular the thinking of their senior military officers. Lincoln had long believed in colonization and it was this colonization which truly proved a dividing line within the abolitionist movement and "by the 1850s critics such as Douglass, Garrison, and Phillips had seized the initiative. When in 1862 Lincoln suggested that free black leaders lead their people out of America, he espoused a view that had receded into significance. Moreover, as African-Americans enrolled in the Union Army and Navy, served as scouts and spies for the Union forces, and strongly supported the war effort, it became ever more difficult to deny them and their families a claim to American citizenship" (Basler, 1990). Churchill on the other hand worked by transforming Parliament and the British people, and he did this in a number of ways but namely by convincing them that Britain would still be able to win the war, when in reality there was really no hope or actual viability for this at all.
Both Lincoln and Churchill used their commu ...
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Lincoln and Churchill were both men of great vision and their respective frames of reference helped to shape these visions in a few different ways in particular. Although there are definitely similarities present when doing a comparison of these two leaders, there are also some significant differences as well, and all of these have to be properly taken into consideration in order to be able to come to any sort of a proper understanding on the subject…
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