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Information control

Internet is not anymore an unfamiliar context or a new phenomenon to many people as many are now connected online. The internet trend is paving the way, reaching each people with the internet connectivity. And, activities online such as online purchasing are just at the fingertips. One of the top activities done by online shoppers is doing online travel planning which includes booking airlines, hotels or planning vacation trips for holidays. It has been obvious how internet services and tools becomes an integral part of user's life.
Internet has been an important channel for online travel planning, resources online is available instantly without the hassle and online travel industry is growing. It is reported by a research conducted by Nielsen//NetRatings that "55% of internet users book holidays online - only 7% of internet users book on the high street. Two thirds of internet users take two or more holidays a year. Silver surfers are enjoying more regular holidays and late bookings online."
"Online travel sales increased by as much as 34% from 2004 to 2005 and reached EUR 25.2 billion in the European market in 2005 - or 10.3% of the market (up from EUR 18.9 bn. or 7.9% in 2004). ...
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Over the years, e-commerce gained tremendous recognition and still going across the globe even to the remotest country ever. Dealing business through e-commerce entails fundamentals to succeed in this business approach. Of course, when speaking of e-commerce, this means customers are purchasing products or services online through a portal or website, so called e-commerce sites…
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