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Gene Splicing

Any living organism that has had its genetic material altered by insertion of a gene from another organisms DNA using genetic engineering techniques, e.g., Drosphila melanogaster( the fruit fly) and Glo-fish, which is not a naturally occurring species
The same restriction enzyme has to be used to cleave both the parent DNA and the plasmid so that the free bases at the end of the fragment are complementary to the free bases in the plasmid at the site of the split. The attraction between the unpaired complementary bases will facilitate integration of the DNA fragment into the plasmid. ...
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Plasmid is a circular extra chromosomal DNA molecule found in bacteria which has the capability to replicate independent of the bacterial DNA.In gene splicing plasmids can be used as vectors for transmission of DNA into another cell. The genetic material to be introduced into the cell is integrated into the plasmid DNA and inserted into the cell.
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