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I am attaching the project schedule with this IOM. Please go through it. Here I want to inform you that according to this project schedule we can complete this project in given time of five months. To complete this project within the time limit, we need your support and co-operation time to time.


Network manager is taking 13 weeks for completing its work. Any delay in networking work may cause delay of the project. To avoid delay in networking John has to ensure that each & every activity scheduled in project should complete on time. If there are some problem in completing an activity, then early decision are to be made to rectify the problem. John should make a grid on a paper and keep this paper on his table every time. After completing of activity John can tick on the grid and can have a overview on the complete project.
Yes, the project time can shortened if the design the network changes can be completed in one week instead of two weeks, if the cabling can be completed in one week instead of two weeks, if the quotation open can be completed in 4 weeks instead of five weeks. So over all three weeks can be free if we shorten only three activities. So if we keep concentrate on each an every activity then only the project can be complete early.
Raw Material: There should be some procedure of quality control to check the incoming material. If the incoming material is of good quality then obliviously the final product will be made of good quality. There may procedure to test the incoming material in quality control department.
Machines: The maintenance of machine should be on time, so that they will not malfunction during the project work. ...
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