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Case Study example - Critical thinking and application paper Ethics

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Case Study
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I argue that it is not right for Danny Briar to lose his job due to his expose on the corruption involving contracts for Iraq. Instead, Danny must be commended for doing the right thing. His desire to reach a media person must be seen as a move for transparency and accountability that federal officials must apply to all aspects of the agency's operations.

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The rule which has the best overall consequences is regarded as the best rule.
This article is very pertinent to Gary Briar's issue since it also covers the pervasive corruption in foregin governments. The citizens of Afghanistan are afraid to report instances of corruption because they are afraid that they will be killed by government forces. The continuing corruption done by government officials constitutes a serious malady affecting the government.
This article is related to the situation of Danny Briar as it features the strong dilemma of a Turkish government official pertaining to corruption being committed by other government officials. This article refers to the Turkish Interior Minister Saadettin Tantan, the leader of Turkey's anti-corruption drive, who has accused elements of the party of trying to slow his investigations. The move of Tantan was to resign from government office. Hence, Turkey has lost a key government official who could have stemmed the tide of corruption.
This article is pertinent to the situation of Danny Briar as it attempts to take a proactive stance in dealing with corrupt officials. The article emphasizes the importance of putting out incentives to make officials forego corruption activities. ...
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