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Ans. Fans are in general considered to be the booster for any sporting action, institution, personality, musical group, opera, political parties, product marketing, an activity, film popularity, literature etc. As the media becomes too intrusive in almost all walks of life, many such instances have come to light where the 'Fan community' has gone out of the way to go for the desired product or service.


Similar fan frenzy was visible when the latest book of Harry Potter series, 'The Tales of Beedle the Bard' was launched in the first week of December 2008. What is quite amazing is, this fan frenzy is not limited to just one country or one region, but it crosses all boundaries from Europe to Asia. Angela Cerda, a resident of Temecula, Southwest California, was in seventh grade when she first started reading Harry Potter books and she still continues to enjoy reading this series while in third year of college. Cerda says2, "I read the first four books in the series in four nights, then I had to wait three years for the fifth one to come out, It's so strange to think that now I'm waiting for the last one."
Similar loyalty or love is expressed by the fans of television serials, when they make sure that in order to watch their favourite television serial, they get their meetings postponed. Football is the game played by a large number of nations around the world. But the situation becomes quite different during the European cup and sometimes during the world cups etc. The intense rivalry leaves the fans to fight it out amongst themselves. ...
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