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Case Study example - Precise Molded Products

Case Study
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I chose Alternative 2 as the best alternative based from the criteria and the pros and cons. Having the whole quality department undergo a new training will definitely help them improve their performances in ensuring quality in the company. Through this training, Bob will be able to refresh what he had learned in the university and function well as the quality manager…

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Also, the company may spend some money on the trainings and additional working hours for the whole department but the results will benefit the company in the long run. It is better to invest on human capital today and have the long-term benefits than save money today and continuously incur losses because of the rejects in the future.
The top management will hold a meeting and talk to the members of the quality department and ask them about their problems and concerns about their department, the products, and the company as a whole. After evaluating the problems encountered in the department, professional trainees will hold the training.
The training will include team buildings to improve the employees' relationship with each other so that conflicts and communication barriers will be prevented. Second, TQM training will be done because it is now widely used to ensure quality in all aspects of the company. Total Quality Management is also capable of eliminating defects and errors in operations (Stark, 1998).
Six Sigma will also be included in the training. This is now a popular trend in management where data-intensive methodology is used to eliminate defects in the company's production ("Six Sigma"). This will help Bob Thomas in lessening the production rejects of the company using systematical approaches.
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