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In 18th and 19th centuries Europe was engulfed and pre-occupied by colonialism. The British thought were more pre-occupied of colonialism than any other country in Europe or rather in the whole world. The British were the thirstiest than the French, Portuguese or the Dutch in establishing their colonial rule.

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In colored community, very less skill level people are there and job opportunities are more in the manufacturing sector, women and racial or ethnic minorities are less to posses the human capital and its characteristics are associated in its job opportunities. To get a job one has to be skilled in a particular area. Every company looks for an ideal candidate who should be an asset to the company and should not become a liability.
Colored groups (immigrants from Asia and Africa) earn less compare to whites. So which is different wages for each category or group. In cultural context colored women are not allowed to grow in their career life or in personal life, they prefer not to work outside the home. Compared to colored the Whites are more liberal and enjoy gender equality provided by the European countries constitutional laws. Whatever the reasons there still exists inequality among these groups.
The Morant Bay issue shows how the English tends to show their prevalent masculinity and representations in the ascension to power of the middle class whose concept of gentility was based on religion and dignity. In this case Thomas Carlyle and John Stuart Mill stood up to for those who are oppressed under the whites. ...
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