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Sodium Chloride An Important Compound

Moreover, it is also found in the ancient bedrock all over the planet in the form of thick layers in places where water bodies used to exist in the form of salt lakes and seas, all of which have evaporated millions of years ago.
About 4,700 years ago, the Chinese Png-tzao-kan-mu, one of the earliest known writings, recorded more than 40 types of salt. Ancient civilizations have used salt as one of the vital supplements in diet, with archaeological evidence of Iron Age salt-making largely based upon the discovery of remnants of coarse pottery vessels and supporting pillars recognized as being connected with salt-making and known as briquettage. In Britain, lead salt pans were used by the Romans at Middlewich, Nantwich and Northwich and excavations at Middlewich and Nantwich have revealed extensive salt-making settlements. Moreover, writings on salt no doubt also existed on the clay tablets of Ancient Babylon and on Egyptian papyri. Even without written evidence we can be fairly certain that salt-making and use was a feature of life in all ancient communities.
Considering it's chemical and physical properties, Sodium Chloride is usually found as a clear or whit ...Show more


Every cell of our bodies contains salt - an adult human body contains about 250 grams to maintain the normal volume of blood and digest food. This salt is halite, chemically known as Sodium Chloride and commonly known as rock salt is one of the few very important reagents in the chemical industry today…
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