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Marketing and the Vulnerable - Essay Example

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This short essay is presented in the context of ethical marketing principles and is an attempt to present the features of exploitive marketing with special emphasis to minority communities. Many companies practice exploitive marketing especially targeting minorities and children…

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Marketing and the Vulnerable

The companies target two major vulnerabilities of the minorities - susceptibility and disadvantage. Targeted marketing by virtue of market segmentation is a popular strategy that works very well for many organizations. However, segmenting the market by virtue of religion, caste, races, etc. often results in the primary mission of marketing to satisfy customer needs getting completely lost thus resulting in strategies that are malicious to the customers and the overall society. A prominent example is the marketing strategy of promoting addiction - like alcohol, tobacco, improvement in sexual capabilities, harmful energy pills (often comprising of drugs), etc. Some companies view the minorities as more vulnerable to addiction and hence promote the same to extreme unethical levels in the greed to extract maximum money out of their pockets. In the view of the author, no marketing professional should practice addiction promotion in any of their campaigns across the world. Addiction is never a need of the customer - rather it is a social disease!! Promoting addiction in marketing strategies is like promoting a social agony that hurts the customers and the overall society very badly. [Brenkert, George G. 1998]
Creating a market segment is never a bad idea. ...
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