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The Quality Improvement Customers Didn't Want/Case Study/SWOT

SWOT Analysis. 1997).
The case study involves the idea of an organization introducing computerization in Quality Care. Introduction of such a system would definitely speedup the activities of Quality Care. The organization’s existing customers are highly satisfied by the services being provided to them. It is expected that introduction of computerization will accelerate the existing activities which in turn will help not only in the retention of the existing customers but also will attract new customers. The proposed change would ensure that patients, who are the customers, need not wait for long in the front office. It will also facilitate doctors to determine the status of a patient from the database very easily. This reduces employees’ workload associated with a particular job. Further it makes data easily available and accessible. Since all the activities will be specialized, information on any specific area becomes readily available by consulting the persons who manage the system and requesting them to locate the specific information.
As mentioned in the case, installation of the system would require huge capital investment. The proposed plan does not also involve laying-off the employees to save any overheads on human resources. As a result, the workload per employee reduces to a great extent, paving way for more idle time in the functioning. This would adversely affect the efficiency and profitability of Quality Care. One cannot also rule out the chances of destructive programs corrupting the existing data which can create problems in the operations. This will hamper the flow of information to the patient as well as within the organization.
Opportunities of the case are almost associated with the strength. The organization currently may have a certain class of unsatisfied customers or patients who may be finding the organization lacking in some aspects of customer care. They can be attracted and can be motivated through the new system. This can ...
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SWOT analysis involves the study of an idea on four aspects, which are: the Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat. A proper…
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