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DD121 TMA01

This means learning to be aware of how to structure the essay, which style of writing to use, how to reference the sources, how to engage the reader in an absorbing discussion, and of course by avoiding plagiarism.
The ‘Rules of TMA Writing’ stipulate in section 2.2.3 to organize the “material into a cohesive structure’. We must assume that the reader is unfamiliar with the contents, so needs to be taken through the essay from the beginning to the end with one idea contained in each paragraph. This also means it is very important to make points clear and that the reader is guided through each stage in the arguments. It is normal practice to structure the main body of the essay by preceding it with a good gentle introduction to acquaint the reader with what is to be expected, and followed by a solid conclusion that briefly summarises and articulately encapsulates the main thrust of the essay. The main body is the most important section. It should develop the key points citing relevant evidence where necessary. The title should reflect the nature of the essay and at the end there should be a references section to acknowledge any external sources used in the construction of the essay. The hierarchical order would therefore be as follows: title, introduction, main section, conclusion, and references.
It is extremely important to acknowledge the sources used. It is morally and ethically wrong to try and “pass off someone else’s words as your own words”. This corrupt practice is called ‘plagiarism’. It is permissible to quote from an academic source to support your own essay, any arguments and examples, but full details must then be given using quotation marks as to where the supporting information was acquired.
A definition of crime depends on the context of which framework it is perceived from. An act that is considered a crime from one perspective may not necessarily be considered a crime from ...
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Essay writing is a special skill that is acquired through practice by having sound knowledge of the subject matter to produce solid content, and adopting the techniques of writing essays. Language skills are critical and this includes use of good vocabulary, and correct…
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