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Admission proposal/research proposal

The roles played by the insider researcher will to be to bring about cohesion to all the involved parties without neglecting any of them. Park and Ungerson (2001, p.38) suggest that most strategic alliances including joint ventures fail due to either inter-firm rivalry or managerial complexities. This will be my main initiative: to build strategic alliances.
The main questions that need to be looked at in this field are; ways in which global marketing can be simplified, how individual companies can adopt these strategies to come up with strong relationships amongst the companies, the need to align goals to counter failure while marketing and also to ensure that management relationships are catered for. To enhance cultural cooperation, the strategists can work on ways in which they can help those in the lower hierarchy to work together to realise a common goal. The other way in which they can build effective relationship is by providing basic training on intercultural communication to encourage everyone to consider their cultural prejudices to help them understand the others culture well (Xin & Pucik 2003, p.29).
With qualitative analysis, the above process will be carried out to ensure that all the prospective areas have been looked at to leave no stone unturned. Interviewing and analysing the relevant researches is the only way that one can be assured of having all the required information.
Feasibility is achievable only if the current status of the global market can be conceptualised by making sure that all the available economic, technical and schedule feasibility are achieved (Park and Ungerson 2001, p.53). With all the advancement in technology and skills, achievement of goals is very easy as the main intention is to take advantage of all opportunities identified during the definition of the scope and striving to ...
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It is my dream to be a part of the global culture and contribute immensely to the cohesion of different cultures. This can only be achieved if everyone is willing…
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