Experiment or Quasi-Experiment

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The hypothesis of my proposal is "Children who have high self-efficacy in softball are more likely to play baseball in a park district league." With this hypothesis, I am proposing the Nonequivalent Groups Design, or NEGD specifically for this experiment. This experiment intends…


According to William M.K. Trochim, in this type of research design the most often used group is the intact groups which we think are similar as the treatment and control groups. Two significant characteristics of the NEGD are clearly manifested in this experiment. First, the sample group that is used in the experiment is practically similar in the sense that these kids all have high self-efficacy in playing softball. The second characteristic is the non-random manner of choosing the group. All the components of the group have high self-efficacy in playing softball. This clearly shows that the components of the group are not randomly picked.
This experiment is definitely a quasi-experiment due to the fact that the selected group is considered without any random pre-selection process, and upon which a variable is tested. In addition, the result that is achieved of this experiment is used in generating results for general trending. Although this experiment is done for the measurement of social variables, this experiment uses the self-efficacy measurement which can actually be statistically analyzed and ...
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