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To what extent does the 30th Degree Scottish Rite reflect the intellectual/philosophical Legacy of the Knights Templar - Essay Example

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To what extent does the 30th Degree Scottish Rite reflect the intellectual/philosophical Legacy of the Knights Templar

The ark of the Covenant( This is the box that contained the Ten Commandments.) was believed to be housed in this temple. The eastern invaders ransacked the city. During the excavation, it is believed that the Knights of Templar stumbled across some ancient knowledge and that presumably originated from Egypt. Amongst the many things, the important one was architecture. In result, Gothic cathedrals came up throughout Europe, in hitherto unseen designs, like the Charters which employed flying buttresses. This is a unique architectural design feature that allowed for additional space in the interior of churches and larger stained glass windows.
The Templar devised a system of banking comparable to the modern transaction procedures. Pilgrims deposited their funds with the Templar in Europe and on verification of the coded statements, could draw funds en-route from Templar strongholds. The path of pilgrimage was fraught with dangers and the risk was covered through this facility. Upon arrival at the specified destinations, the pilgrim paid for the lodgings, the relevant modification was made in the chit, showing the deductions. This worked like the modern pass-book system in the banks. Battles in the name of religion were common and the Templar served as the first line of defense or offense in such crusades. The rise and fall of the Latin Kingdoms in the east of Tripoli,Antioch(Syria) and Jerusalem was due to such crusades. The Church had high praise for for the Templar and rewarded them with gifts. Some of the fortresses built by them exist even now. (A Templar fortress which is shrouded in mystery can be found at Rennes-le-Château.)
Templars occupied then holy land for about 200 years and they were ousted by the Saracens (Saracen was the name given, in the Middle Ages, to Syrian and Palestinian warriors.) and they were pushed back to Europe.
The Templar earned great amount of revenue from their lands, and bore the ...Show more


“The Knights Templar were formed after the first crusade, in the late Middle Ages, to capture the Holy Land (Palestine and Israel) from the Infidel(This is what the Christians called the Muslim population)They received the foundations of the ancient Temple of Solomon(The…
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To what extent does the 30th Degree Scottish Rite reflect the intellectual/philosophical Legacy of the Knights Templar
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