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Rape, what to do while being raped, and reporting rape

This paper is going to discuss what to do and how to report rape so that the rapist can be convicted for his shameful act.
The main instinct would be to scream, shout, kick, punch and yell at the rapist. This helps when you are in crowd and your shouting may bring help to you. When you start getting the feeling in the first place that somebody is trying to harass you sexually by touching or through any other cues, you must first of all tell him loudly to leave you alone or shout “Help”. Then if you are attacked, then it is natural that you will and have to shout for your sake. Kick him in his groin hard enough to get his hands off you.
But what if you are in a desolate place? Rapists like deserted places where the victims cannot call for help or where there are no witnesses. In that case, screaming will do no good and the better thing would be to submit to the rapist to keep him from getting more violent and hurting you more. Men usually like to see terror they cause in women’s eyes and they enjoy it. So, when there is no help around, it would be better to stay calm so that you can come up with some idea to end this up. But if you decide to fight which is natural, then hit the rapist if you have something sharp in your hand like a bottle or anything you can grab and hit that will make him change his mind from continuing. Another good tip is that you should pretend as if you are going to vomit on the rapist’s face (Crislip). You can also try biting his hands or ears which will cause him enough pain to get off you. You can also tell him that you are suffering from AIDS! After knowing this, he will surely not wish to rape you or will discontinue even in the middle of the rape.
Though vulgar to state here, but a sure tip to get him off you is to grab his scrotum and squeeze it hard till he yells for his life. You can do this by pretending as if you are enjoying the act and then grabbing his sensitive area and hurting it hard.
Whether you ...
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The rapist wants to have power on the victim’s body and cause him or her pain by the use of force. Whatever his intentions may be, the unfortunate event leaves unforgetful imprints on the victim’s mind which he cannot free himself from…
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