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The Egyptian Revolution

On the surface, all appears to be well under control; the people have what they want, and all is well. On January 25, 2011, a scream erupted from the small country of Egypt that was heard around the world, “Mubarak must go!” (Tadros, 2011)
The people of Egypt watched closely as Tunisia quickly removed their source of misery; it was a spark of hope for all those oppressed by corrupt regimes throughout the Middle East. Egyptians were tired of living under a corrupt government that made survival impossible; tired of police brutality, tired of the intense suffering that made daily living just another day to wait for death to come in sweet relief. The people of Egypt had reached a point where they were basically unable to survive under the current regime, police brutality had killed many innocent civilians; it was the monster lurking in the dark for every Egyptian. It was discovered that the New Year’s Day bombing of a Coptic church in Alexandria, where 21 people were killed was actually masterminded by the Police Minister, Ali Habib. The people were tired of being targets for this sick regime that enjoyed making it appear that it was a religious issue as another clash between Copts and Muslims. The truth was out; it was the regime that continues to cause and feed the problems between the Muslims and the Christians. The current regime had killed so many innocent people that a few more deaths wouldn’t matter; especially if those deaths could somehow make a drastic change to bring an end to the horror within Egypt. The voice of the people said, “Let freedom ring!” (Awad & Dixon, 2011)
It is the right of every human being to be able to live a productive life by providing for themselves and their families; no one should have to live in fear and suffering just to appease a sick regime. Egypt has done the right thing in taking the chance to make a change in order to bring relief and freedom to its people. As a result, many other countries in ...
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There is no real education or work; it is all socially connected and related to corruption. One must follow the regime, never speaking out…
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