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Bleeding Kansas Leading to Civil War

There are several events that resulted into the secession which finally led to the civil war in America. 2Progressively, there are several events that finally broke the civil war and Americans found themselves in the fight. They include; The Mexican war of 1848, fugitive slave act of 1850, the release of Uncle Tom’s cabin, Bleeding Kansas, attack of Charles Summer, the decision by Dred Scott, rejection of the Lecompton constitution, Harper’s Ferry Raid by Brown, Election of the Abraham Lincoln as the president of the U.S.
However, it is important to note that Kansas-Nebraska Act was one of the most instrumental events that led to civil war. This paper has therefore outlined the events that took place at the moment when the act was passed as well as ho it resulted into the civil wars. This act gave the Kansas and the Nebraska the opportunities to decide for themselves what they wanted to take place. They were given the opportunity to decide for themselves whether they wanted to sop slavery or whether they wanted to continue with the slavery activities. As a result of this, there were divisions in the minds of individuals in these states. As a result, there was a clear battle line between the pro and the anti-slavery idea. These wars therefore became some of the events in the war that finally led to the civil war in the United States of America.
Bleeding Kansas is therefore a term that refers to the different and consequential violent activities that took place in several parts of the Kansas state. 3The violent activities were mainly between those who supported the slavery and those who were against the slavery. It is important to note that this was a civil war of its own because the government had already passed legislation for the people to choose what was good or bad for them. These events took place between the years 1854 and 1858 and resulted into several issues that were difficult to resolve at that time and hence there was increasing ...
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It is also important to note that, the civil war was also one of the events that saw the states of America come together and unite. 1It is therefore a significant event in…
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