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Principles of Organizational Behavior

High scores in this category show that the person is agreeable and will take on consider ideas from other people. Conscientiousness is the third dimension used to describe human behavior. This entails a person who is responsible, dependable yet very persistent in what they are doing (Hoyle 46). Such a person sets goals for themselves and will not stop till they achieve what they want to. High scores in this show a person who focuses on a few things at a time and pushes on till they are successful. Low scores indicate a person who gets distracted easily, and is likely to give up on something before it is completed.
Emotional stability is the fourth dimension of this model. A person who is emotionally stable is normally calm, no matter the situation. They are also very enthusiastic about what they are doing and carry with them an air of positive attitude (Hoyle 47). High scores in this category is an indication of a person who is emotionally stable. Low scores indicate otherwise, that the person is not emotionally stable, meaning that they are mostly nervous and will easily give up when things don’t turn out well.
The last dimension used to describe human behavior in this model is openness to experience. This category entails being imaginative and very creative. These attributes make the person artistic. People who embrace new experiences happen to be very intelligent because they will always figure out a way to go through the new experience and make the best out of it. High scores here show a person who is always ready to try out new things and learn new things (Hoyle 48). Low scores indicate someone who is not interested in new innovations and ideas. They only want to dwell in what they are familiar with.
     The student is one who is easy to work with, since they are agreeable and will take time to consider the ideas of other people. In addition to that, the student is open to experience, emotionally stable and also responsible and very ...
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The five factors or dimensions help analyze, understand, and probably explain human behavior. These factors are Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Emotional stability, and Openness to experience (Hoyle…
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