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Factors that effect college learning

This paper attempts to explore all these factors with the help of credible research and then relate the ideas unfolded by research to the process of learning initiated by joining colleges. It should be understood how the negative practice of seeing students as customers only and not knowledge seekers by many college administrators is responsible for decline in college learning and how very demanding parents or students who have their interests based on vocational training alone also interfere with the true spirit of learning process. Understanding the role played by different factors is important as even “high-achieving students seem less able to grapple with issues that require them to think across disciplines or reflect on difficult questions about what matters and why” (Wilson).
The colleges should guarantee such education that students could enlighten the world later on with their charismatic leadership and high moral behavior. “Students and others pay us lots of money, and we should try treat them respectfully, efficiently, and in a way that satisfies them” (Levine). This practice of seeing students only as customers who could be manipulated and used for the benefit of the administrators by asking them to make big commitments in terms of money on part of the colleges and the practice of viewing colleges solely as vocational training providers on part of students and parents should be abandoned as both these features collectively form a very negative influencer of good learning. Students turn to business schools so that they could be treated there as future business leaders and those schools “should not, in the words of one of my colleagues, plop students down as pre-M.B.A. goo and then orchestrate an experience from which good customer feedback is sought” (Snyder, cited in THE EDITORS). It is a deplorable reality and a matter of great concern that the type of undergraduate ...
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Many factors have been lately identified by many credible educationists as responsible for influencing college education in either good or bad way and contemplating those factors hold extreme value in the present times since it is about the educational wellbeing of the students…
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