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persuasive on abortion - Essay Example

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There is not one that will ever be identical to another. Indeed, it is special and taking that away through methods such as abortion is outright immoral. It is the brutal prevention of a blameless and innocent human being to practice its right to…

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persuasive on abortion

Simply, it is the most extremely selfish act anyone can make.
I believe that abortion is one of the many ways that is slowly destroying and wearing away the principles and integrity of civilization. Many women make so many excuses to abort the child that is growing in their womb. They believe there are numerous ethical reasons to abort their children such as fear of having or raising a child, rape, or not having enough money to raise up a child in a good and stable world. Whatever the situation might be, the only conclusion of the matter is: it was the woman’s choice to engage herself in sexual relations and therefore, must face the consequences and effects that she knows will eventually happen. There is never an adequate reason to consider aborting an unborn human being as ethical.
First of all, in whatever case, the unborn child does not have any fault to the suffering or pain that his or her conception might have caused so taking away their life is inequitable. It is solely of the parents’ doing and the parents therefore are the only ones accountable and responsible for the actions they have taken. In addition, unborn babies are never, in any way, responsible for the situation that their parents might be facing, so what possible ethical and moral reason can you provide for their unjust death? They, just like any other human being in this planet, have the absolute right and privilege to be able to live out their lives and grow into a normal individual. Abortion is never necessary; because destroying something that one has not created or given the authority to do so is never considered okay. There are always many alternative solutions and better options to resolve unwanted pregnancy apart from abortion.
Second, in cases of rape and maybe in all cases, abortion no matter how one looks at it does not come any close to being the best and most reasonable option as it causes not only the death of a life, but also the mother’s emotional death. According to ...
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