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Animal paper - Book Report/Review Example

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It is a terrestrial animal based in Africa and the largest ruminant in the world. Its scientific name is Giraffa camelopardalis and it is about five to six meters tall having an average weight of 830 kilogram for…

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Animal paper

It has an extremely long legs and neck. They have large eyes that enable them have a round vision since it is so tall and long ears which makes them easily recognizable. They also have a tufted tail. The color of the patches is black, brown or orange which are usually separated by light hair giving it a very beautiful decoration. They have short hones called ossicones which are partly covered by fur and skin.
Giraffe which falls under mammals is an endothermic animal. This means that it is a warm blooded animal capable of maintaining its body temperature constant. The metabolism of the body is able to keep the giraffe supplied with enough heat. Heat flows from internal organs to the surface of skin and when it is in excess it is release to the surface to cool the body. Since giraffe lives in the sub-Sahara where temperatures are sometimes high its body is adapted to be able to release the heat quick from its body.
They are found in the sub-Sahara parts of Africa. This extends from South Africa to central African countries like Chad. They live in open woodlands and grasslands. The habitat of giraffe is mainly arid regions which savanna provides. These areas are full of acacia growths which is a favorite food for them. In recent past about 20th century, giraffes inhabited West Africa but its population has really dropped and they can be found in East Africa, Angola and Zambia.
Giraffes feed on young leaves and shoots. They are able to also eat grass and other several plant matters. Giraffes browse on the twigs of trees. They highly prefer to leave in areas having plenty of acacia trees which they feed on them. The tender leaves that the acacia tree provides are their favorite meal. They have long necks which are essentially important in getting to the high leaves on the acacia tree. They also have a long tongue which is an added advantage in getting to the leaves. They are also able to drink large quantities of water to ...
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