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By applying forecasting methods or approaches to predict how many vaccines will be required in future, it is important for manufacturers to have enough time to research and…

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Operations and supply management is vital in developing the supply chain of the vaccine to ensure that vaccines are delivered on time. More vaccines may be insufficient or unavailable if the patients and government paid more money because the producer or manufacturer may not have the capacity to generate more vaccines. Even if the manufacturer bought more machines to enhance production of the vaccine, it would consume a lot of time to ramp up and attain the expected vaccine capacity. The demerit or minus of producing more or extra vaccine at high cost is that it will automatically cut into profits because it needs new and modern machines to be bought. Further, it will require training and hiring of new workers, which may be costly.
The process of manufacturing is devised in a manner that it balances costs, profits, and capacity. The producers and the government require to hold the vaccine to a high standard as this will enhance quick delivery of the vaccines to the patients. This could be devised in a manner that the government could test the quality of the vaccine and deliver it to the patients. The pluses of producing more vaccines at an increased cost is that it will enhance efficiency and quality of the vaccine produced because more money would have been used to conduct enough research about the vaccine.
The government and producers can assess the risk of harm associated with the production of the vaccine. Therefore, they will determine if the intended vaccine confer immunity to certain virus or not. This will enable the government and the producers to provide advance warning that failure or harm of the vaccine may occur since vaccination is usually experimental each time it is administered on people. Vaccination may be risky or beneficial, therefore, in order to ensure the safety of the patients, the government should ensure that there manufacturers produce enough vaccines that can be delivered to be people in case the vaccine fails to confer immunity. ...
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