Speech on the 15th amendment giving black men the right to vote

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The 15th Amendment grants all American citizens the right to vote without any discrimination and voices against any illegal condition that suppresses the right to vote to any other person on any basis…


The 15th Amendment holds a central position in the history of America. It has not only provided freedom to African-Americans on the right to vote but it also gave them the freedom to get elected publically and to serve in the mainstream public offices. As a result, different laws were ensued that revolved around the protection of rights in favour of black Americans in every field of life Gerstle. However, even after years of passing of this 15th amendment black Americans are still discriminated when it comes to vote or when it comes to raise their voices against any racial discrimination against them.As a result, it is easy to analyze a cold war between the whites and blacks. Times before 15th amendment the white groups discriminated African-American citizens before the 15th amendment largely. They did not have the right to vote. They implemented the on all the groups no matter, if anyone was a slave or not. ...
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