Assignment sample - Describe rehearsal, exercise, and maintenance of business continuity.

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Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) form the basis of risk management in most organizations, especially those that engage Information Technology in their operations. Essentially, Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) compliments Business Continuity Planning (BRP) to…


Unique case studies where DR and BC have flourished and become beneficial include the Electric Company, bank, and automotive case studies (Disasterrecovery.Org, n.d.).
The situation of the electric company involved instability in the WAN connection that was probably because of an unpredictable ISP service. In response, the company used an alternative FatPipe WARP before getting a larger replacement for the ISP carrier. This was a brilliant idea in the sense that the business continued to operate with a weaker internet connection before the company enhanced its internet strength. The beneficiaries of this plan included the customers and the organization itself. Concerning the European bank, a similar problem was evident when it experienced redundancy in North American VPN. The bank put concerted efforts to rectify the mistake by installing new MPVPN. Surprisingly, the problem was solved and the customers benefited from the disaster recovery in the sense that the bank improved the efficiency of its services (Disasterrecovery.Org, n.d.).
Although the two scenarios were unique and unrelated, it is notable that the approach to risk management was very different for both cases. The Electric Company was more credible and practical in its approach in that it acted on mitigation as well as maintenance measures. It means that the European bank has a rather unfortunate disaster recovery approach because customers must have suffered inconveniences at the time of replacements. Consequently, the Electric Company delivered more benefits to its customers because of a proper Business Continuity Plan. On the other hand, the European bank did not have a well-planned recovery procedure (Disasterrecovery.Org, ...
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