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Peer Response - Assignment Example

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It could be deduced that from the methods implemented to ensure that personal data in life were appropriately safe and secure from loss, damage, or…

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Peer Response

The only aspect not disclosed, and is considered a relevant aspect of mitigating risks and ensuring privacy and confidentiality of personal information is to be discerning in the information shared on social networking sites to avoid excessive exposure to external risks and threats.
The information which discloses that one of the vulnerabilities is the propensity to share excessive personal information through social networking sites should be appropriately addressed. It was noteworthy that through this exercise, online users of internet applications and other technological gadgets are made aware of the risks and vulnerabilities that could expose personal identification credentials to hackers; and thereby, compromise privacy and confidentiality. One strongly believes that there is a need to be more vigilant in terms of sharing information: either consciously or unconsciously (especially when using commercial or public internet shops). Thus, it was good that enhancing selection of password and frequent changing would be a first and relevant ...
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