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write an in which you compare/contrast any two people whom you know.

Because Mary was healthy, her feeding habits were excellent while Jane, who was sickly, had to be tube-fed most of the time. Mary grew up fast and was able to develop quickly, whereas Jane took a longer time. Mary was always a happy child, she was healthy and she developed fast. Her speech developed fast, and she walked pretty fast and was always playful. Their parents always had an easy time with her. Jane on the other hand was slow in developing. She took long to walk, talk and even run. Because of that, Jane was always weak and could not handle any rigorous activities.
Growing up was very interesting for the pair. Being identical twins, the two girls thought the same, ate the same things and even had pretty much a lot of the same taste and preference. They made the same friends, had the same accent and their walking style was also the same. The only problem was their physique; because of their story while growing up, Mary became more built and was heavier built compared to Jane, who was very slim and petite.
The two girls both love riding the bicycle. Every day they cycle from home to school. They also love to compete, but because Jane is lighter than Mary, she is always the better cyclist. They both love sports and also participate in school activities. Mary is in the football club while Jane prefers to be there as a cheerleader because she loves to cheer her twin sister.
In class, the two are always helping each other out. Mary is more outgoing and in most cases she finds herself in trouble. Conversely, Jane is quiet and shy. She hardly gets into trouble. She always gets her sister out of hard situations. In class, the two have the same preference for the class subjects; they are always scoring the same grades. The teachers like them a lot because they are hard working.
Now that they have become young ladies, the two girls are inseparable. Their behavior is much ...
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The two have a lot in common, for example, the same age; they also have a lot of distinctive features and preferences. The two girls were born in the same year, shared the same womb, born on the same date, same mother, and father and…
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