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Article 4

Seemingly, a rush decision to implement what has not been sufficiently exhausted may elicit a regressive effect rather than a progressive one. Generally, the article expresses confidence in the new technology but expresses reservations of its actualization in the absence of utter scrutiny from all the concerned stakeholders.
R-DNA plays a pivotal role in expediting the time within which DNA results are obtained (Asplen par. 1). In the past, the experience has always been waiting for lengthy durations for the determination of DNA results. The problem with that was that the further away the results were from the time of the commission of a crime, the more problems it paused for the investigation team. The DNA played the role of a component in the investigation because it could not be sufficiently relied to isolate the identity of a suspect. However, with a possibility of getting the DNA results within a record ninety minutes to one hour, the DNA test will assume the role of driving the investigations and not merely being a component.
R-DNA is poised to free government labs of various tests that previously conducted there. Such a move will see the government labs intensify lab usage for sophisticated tests that require human intervention to figure out the conclusion. According to Asplen (par. 3), the room created in the labs will enable specialists to curl through evidence to come up with a hidden information to expedite the judicial process.
R-DNA is also likely to prove useful to government agencies that are not criminal in nature (Asplen par. 6). For example, border patrol may wish to establish the authenticity people’s identifications through this test. Current mechanisms for establishing a person’s identification are culpable of artificial alterations, thereby compromising the integrity of the system. For example, use of fingerprints may prove ...
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In a very explicit manner, the article talks about the infinite possibilities that would be achieved in the event that the entire experiment…
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