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Causes and Effects of the 9/11 Attacks on the World Trade Center - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Causes and Effects of the 9/11 Attacks on the World Trade Center

A fourth possible explanation for the 9/11 attacks was perhaps Osama Bin Laden’s own response against the support that the United States has given to Israel especially when the United States helped Israel invade southern Lebanon in 1982. In fact, this particular event instilled in Bin Laden an extreme Anti-Americanism that may have caused him to urge his people to boycott American products. He may also have been enraged by the American occupation of Saudi Arabia after Saddam Hussein bombed Kuwait in 1990 (Bergen). Another possible cause of the 9/11 attacks was perhaps Osama Bin Laden’s answer to the alienation and discrimination that the Muslims experienced in America during the time of the terror. Perhaps, it was actually the two key planners of the attacks – Ramzi bin al Shibh and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed – who were actually living in the west. In a particular study examining the biographies of the 79 worst terrorists in history, one in four of them has been studying in the west when he carried out his terrorism. As for Bin Laden, he might have taken advantage of the negative circumstances that both key attack planners were going through the attacks. Still, another possible cause of the 911 attacks was perhaps Osama Bin Laden’s response to the perceived humiliation of the Islamic world. Three weeks after the 9/11 attacks, Al Jazeera TV has broadcasted Bin Laden saying “What America is tasting now is something insignificant compared to …[the] humiliation and this degradation [that the Islamic world has tasted] for 80 years…” (Bergen). In short, the attacks on the World Trade Center were nothing but mere revenge, hatred and grudge towards the United States for...
The most devastating and the most direct effect of the 9/11 terror attacks was the death of 2,726 people, both from the planes that crashed, from those inside the World Trade Center, and from other separate affected areas. The grief that the death toll has caused was beyond words and this may even be a mere understatement. Not only was the damage borne by American citizens but also by Hispanics, Asians, Blacks and many other nationalities who were (Schwartz).
Another effect that the 9/11 attacks caused was the stress that it had caused all those who have seen or heard about it. It created a worry in 47% of all American parents who claimed that their children were worried about “their own safety or the safety of loved ones” (Schuster et al. 1511). there were also trauma-related symptoms in several people as well as trauma-related psychiatric disorders among those who already had a preexisting disease (Schuster et al. 1511). Although some of this stress may have already diminished, the trauma-related stress disorders may have persisted up until now.
The environment was also affected by the 9/11 terror. Upon the collapse of the World Trade Center, there was a release of fire, asbestos, dust particles, pulverized cement, glass, acrid smoke, and other toxic materials like mercury, lead, polyvinyl chloride, copper, ethers, and petroleum products.
The 9/11 Commission Report has also enumerated and emphasized a number of positive lessons that have been learned from the attacks on the World Trade Center. ...Show more


The purpose of a present essay "Causes and Effects of the 9/11 Attacks on the World Trade Center" is to talk about 9/11 catastrophy. The writer of this paper focuses on causes of the tragedy and how the event affected environment, citizens, goverments, and country overall…
Author : adamssusie
Causes and Effects of the 9/11 Attacks on the World Trade Center essay example
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