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Lackowski, Rich (2008) On the Beaten Path, Progressive Rock: The Drummer's Guide to the Genre and the Legends who defined it. Van Nuys, CA: Alfred Publishing. The book is ideal for starters in rock music, as Lackowski starts by laying the basics in highlighting time signatures, music tempos and other elements used to classify music.


The book is necessary for novices in rock music or those searching to understand the richness of rock music from drumming, playing guitars, music composition and performance, based on the 12 highlighted bands. By examining the various rock artists, the writer takes the reader through different rock compositions and examines how they vary from one artist to the other, which portrays the varying styles in progressive rock. Riley, Glenn (2004) Progressive Rock Guitar. Van Nuys, CA: Alfred Publishing. The author is an experienced guitarist, having started playing at the age of twelve, and since 1991, Riley was a teacher and a performer of rock. The author is also renowned for authoring other books published by the National Guitar Workshop; as a teacher and a performer, Riley offers a concise examination of guitar techniques in rock. The author opens up music and various guitar techniques in covering a comprehensive approach in progressive rock guitar. However, the author assumes the reader is aware of music notations, the major scale and its modes, theories such as diatonic harmony and overall construction of codes. Riley offers a concise insight into guitar playing and its variations across the rock music genre. ...
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