Women Rock Musician in History from the beginning in Unites States

Women Rock Musician in History from the beginning in Unites States Essay example
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History of Rock and Roll Rock music is said to have begun back in 1954, where a new genre of music called rock and roll was introduced, transforming the music tastes of young people; it made a significant change in the world.


Rock and roll resulted from the convergence of rhythm, blues, and country musical genres plus a series of hi-tech developments, which creates an innovative market for the music. Blues are known to have developed from songs sung by African-Americans while working; they had originally been brought to the USA as slaves. While working at plantations, they used to communicate by means of “call and response,” fooling the plantation owners, saying that the music was happy though they actually used it to discuss issues about the owners; and just as rhythm and blues developed from blues, rock and roll developed from rhythm and blues (R&B). Among the great women that have made a contribution in the history rock and roll especially when it comes to playing instruments in bands or in singles included; Wanda Jackson (guitarist), Nancy Wilson (guitarist), Meg White (Pianist), Bonnie Rait (guitarist), and, other artists of today like Lady Gaga, who started playing the piano at a tender age and Taylor Swift who plays the guitar. Some of the technological advancements during the commencement of rock and roll in the 1940s included phonographs, which were initially bulky and could be damaged easily, so most people were tired of them, even though they were common. ...
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