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A Discussion of Punk Rock

This essay "A Discussion of Punk Rock" outlines the origin and the influence of this genre on the music's history. Music is a uniquely universal phenomenon. Across the ocean a different explanation comes for the United States. Although all inspired by similar bands and sounds, it was the mid to late 60s in Detroit and New York that saw the true birth of Punk Rock. Bands like MC5 in Detroit and Velvet Underground in New York set the precedent for the future of Punk Rock. (Cooper, 2013) Within a few short years dozens of bands appeared, both in the United States and Britain, bringing differing, new sounds, and styles all contributing to the Punk Rock movement. Until the late 1970s Punk Rock remained primarily underground. However, with bands like the Ramones and The Sex Pistols the rest of the world began to take notice. The sounds of Punk Rock are hard to ignore or overlook. It is a loud, angry, and rebellious sound. Defying the laws of music. Punk Rock taught “would be” Punk Rock artists that it is not necessary to play instruments well or have the ability to genuinely sing. It was more about the message that you are trying to convey (Youngs, 2002).Guitars with harsh cords, drums pounding, and a vocalist whose screaming lyrics are, often, unintelligible to a first time listener. this is part of the reason that Punk Rock can be so hard to define. At its core all Punk Rock shares hard edged, rebellious, and regularly conveyed loathing of the establishment and society as a whole (Cooper, 2013). ...
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This essay describes the phenomena of punk music. Musical genre that has and continues to have a powerful effect on listeners that are drawn to it is Punk Rock. Punk Rock is recognized by its harsh instrumentals, loud, often, angry vocals, and “mohawked” fans wearing leather and chains. …
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