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Name Instructor’s Name University The 1930s is referred to by many as the Golden age of Hollywood musicals and rightly so. In more ways than one, the musicals of the era have been successfully able to embody the complexity of the epoch by transcending sociopolitical or economic representations to profoundly affect the emotions and feelings of each and every member of the audience.


For Grant (2012), the beauty of these masterpieces lies in their positive portrayals of the cheerful messages of triumph, accomplishment, success and the fruits of group efforts. The most intriguing aspect of this observation is how the depictions of these backstage musicals presented a stark contrast from the economic realities of the Depression-era as represented by the opulence, grandeur and magnificence of visual projections, which perhaps is an unmistakable reason behind the popularity and success of these productions. Babington and Evans’s (1985) insight regarding the Golden Diggers of 1933 (1933) notes that the backstage play essentially “upstages the depression”, this statement notes that the background of the production is related to an accurate chronology of historical events in such a manner that it goes beyond the supposedly standard parameters for a genre of its kind. Another factor which develops the assessment to establish the ways in which Gold Diggers of 1933 and 42nd Street, reflect upon the time of their release emerges from their ability to integrate the political event of the time in a manner which may even come across as opportunistic. ...
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