The Emergence of the Jazz Concert: 1935-1945

The Emergence of the Jazz Concert: 1935-1945 Essay example
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Critical Response Essay - The Emergence of the Jazz Concert 1935-1945 Name University In “The Emergence of the Jazz Concert”, Scott DeVeaux (1989) documents the journey of jazz music through its development, progression and evolution in the first half of the 20th century.


For example, as a scholar of jazz and American music Scott DeVeaux (1989) notes and comprehensively understands the importance of Benny Goodman’s outstanding concert that took place on January 16, 1938 in Carnegie Hall. DeVeaux (1989) asserts that the monumental significance of Goodman’s 1938 Carnegie Hall concert transcends the purity, goodness and brilliance of music that was delivered to the audience that day. In fact, the occurrence of the event can be viewed as an “important rite of passage” for jazz music (DeVeaux 1989). The primary reason behind this claim of the scholar is related to the traditional and conventional views of jazz that prevailed in American society at the time which associated the sound with limited locations, such as a tavern or vaudeville theatre and how these perspectives experienced a drastic change due to the concert of January 16, 1938. The essence of Scott DeVeaux’s (1989) article is rooted in a profound assessment of the jazz concert in the period preceding 1945 and I certainly agree with the notion that the legacy of jazz cannot be comprehended completely unless the events of earlier part of the 20th century are highlighted and given meaning to within the context of jazz concert, the style of bebop and the American culture. ...
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