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Hollywood Musicals

The "Hollywood Musicals" essay outlines Rose of Washington Square, Sun Valley Serenade and Gold Diggers of 1935 musical movies. Rose of Washington Square is a musical film created in 1939. The setting is in New York and it features a musical icon Rose Sargent whose is struggling to keep her relationship amid the criminal activities of her husband, Barton DeWitt Clinton (Halbritter, 2006). Rose who is an entertainer in the Ziegfeld Follies falls for the charms of a con man and struggles as much as she can to keep him out of trouble. In the process her career wanes away.
Sun Valley Serenade on the other hand, is about a band that decides to acquire the assistance of a foreign singer. The cast includes Ted Scott who is the band pianist and Karen Benson, who is the foreign singer residing in Ellis Island (Dancyger, 2001). Ted falls in love with Karen and this upsets his girlfriend Vivian Dawn, the soloist of the band. Her departure prompts Karen to act as a substitute and she hits the golden mark.
As its name suggests, Gold Diggers of 1935 is about that, people trying to milk away wealth from a stingy rich woman. Dick Curtis, a struggling medical student is given a job to escort the daughter of a rich woman Mrs. Prentiss. He obliges, but eventually falls for Anne (the rich woman’s daughter) despite having a fiancée, Arline Davis. Anne’s brother on the other hand falls for Arline and marries her. Mrs. Prentiss organizes a charity show but she is unwilling to spend a lot, but the dance director she has hired wants to milk away her money. ...
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This essay describes three musical films: Rose of Washington Square, Sun Valley Serenade and Gold Diggers of 1935. Like most musical flicks, these three films mostly deal with issues of love and to some extent, a talented artist living in abject poverty, trying as much as he or she can succeed…
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